Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Jonathon Toss

I wish to make a complaint!

Sometimes you can’t shout at the radio all day, so instead I wrote and complained about Jonathan Ross, basically because he’s tedious and unnecessary.
All the e-mails are reproduced as sent the last response from Andrew Milligan has some classic spelling mistakes in it as well.

I do worry that BBC haven’t understood the power relationships inherent in jokes about race. I was in no doubt that my complaint would produce no effect I was just hoping for a snowball effect.

I do get the feeling that JR has pocketed his cash and is now just phoning in his work, interviewing David Baddiel recently he was open about them being best mates they only reason seemingly for the interview. I also think Mark Kermode could easily do amore interesting, engaging and knowledgeable film show than Ross.

So here’s my Mr Angry routine:

Dear Sir,I writing to say can't the BBC give Jonathon Ross a rest? I've just turned on my radio and it was tuned into radio 2 in the first 5 mins of listening Ross had done the following objection things:
· Firstly he made an offensive racist comment; basically that Hardeep Singh Kohli only gets work because he is a Sikh and wears a turban.
· After playing a record about just taking the money (how apt) he tells a story involving anal surgery. Now I am no prude (I know prudes always say that but honestly I'm not) it's just that it's all so needless.

It all just comes over as arrogance, "look at me I can say anything and no one can do anything about it." There is a thin Line between cheeky chap and just offensive childish behaviour and Ross has crossed it.

I think his random puerility and casual bullying of guests particularly on his TV show is just tired. The fact that he was bragging about not even doing some shows live was just the nail in coffin and I turned the radio off. It is shame as in the past I have enjoyed his factual programmes on comics, Japan and films he's just got tedious and puerile. Please re-think how much air time he is give better still give us all a rest from him.

The BBC’s reply:

Dear Mr BLTP
Thank you for your email regarding Jonathan Ross. I understand you find Jonathan's style of presentation offensive and feel his comments can often overstep the mark. Nothing contained in our programmes is included with the intention of upsetting individual listeners and viewers and we apologise for any offence you were caused by Jonathan's comments.
The acceptability of a particular joke depends very much on its tone, style and intent, which can be difficult to assess and very much open to interpretation. Jonathan has established a reputation for his irreverent no holds barred style, which we feel is well recognised as being light-hearted and without malice.
We appreciate that some people may not like his style. Our difficulty is that we have to try to find a balance between allowing a presenter like Jonathan the freedom he needs to maintain his spontaneity and encouraging an awareness of where the boundaries of acceptable taste lie.I would like to assure you that we have registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.
Thanks again for taking the time to contact the BBC.

Ross Jubin
BBC Complaints

My second e-mail

Dear Ross,
Thanks for your speedy reply, thanks also for taking the time to read my comment many complaints services clearly issue stock letters. I am concerned however that you imply that racisms can be acceptable at certain level if it's done in "light-hearted" manner. The sort of casual racism inherent in Ross's joke about Hardeep Singh Kohli is exactly the sort that needs to be got rid of.
Also I believe the intention is irrelevant in racist abuse cases, more the effect on the person/group it's directed at. I would also state I'm not in the habit of finding offence on other people's behalf, far too much of that goes on these days but that this remark was offensive and inappropriate and was an example of a performer who believes he can say what he likes and not receive an reprimand. ThanksBLTP

The Beeb’s latest reply:

Dear Mr BLTP
Thank you for your further e-mail regarding 'Jonathan Ross' on BBC Radio Two.
I understand you are still concerned about some of Jonathan's humour and are worried we might e condoning racism provided it is light hearted. As we explained preciously, it is never the intention of the BBC to deliberately upset its audience. It is a recognised and traditional part of British humour to make jokes about foreigners and people within the British Isles. For example, the English are lampooned as "stuck up" and superior in their attitude to other races. You can argue that telling jokes about any race is wrong but usually such jokes are affectionate and free from malice. We do not wish to compile a list of banned subjects but do try to ensure that jokes on certain subjects are not overdone, and also that they are genuinely funny.
We can appreciate that some jokes, on any subject, will not be appreciated by all of our audience and in order to continue monitoring feedback we have registered your comments on our audience log.
This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.I hope this goes some way to allaying your concerns and thanks once again for contacting the BBC.
Andrew Milligan
BBC Complaints


robram said...

Good for you! Even though I really enjoy Jonathan Ross, I do think he gets away with far too much that any other BBC employee would be 'reprimanded' for.

Look how much fuss there was about Chris Moyles 'gay' comment a few months back!

I also love the fact that you managed to get two different people from the Complaints Dept to reply to you!

Anonymous said...

You might add in your next missive - if you do continue with the correspondence - that the Republic of Ireland does not recognise the term British Isles - It has no legal status and is merely a throwback to colonialism. It is more proper to refer to the area of Ireland and Britain as 'these Isles', or as most Irish people prefer 'the Islands of Ireland and Britain and Ireland or simply 'Britain and Ireland' (or Ireland and Britain). Our embassy monitors the British media for the term and allegedly sends letters to correct the misnomer. I'm surprised that the all BBC staff have not been appraised of this! I've already taken it upon myself to inform the British MET service who corrected their website as a result.



s said...

On balance I like him, but he has got far too carried away with himself and needs a slap to bring him down to size.

A similar thing happened in the 80s/ early 90s as I remember. The Last Resort was really good. Then he started doing a daily show which quickly became an awful, self indulgent w@nk-fest with him smarming up to his favourite celebrities - a particularly painful Dennis Hopper interview springs to mind.

Perhaps another decade in the wilderness would do him good - I'd be keen on this even if for contractual reasons it had to be at the license payers expense.

Also those 3 puffs and a piano jokes aren't cheeky anymore: just tired, old fashioned dull.

I suspect they really hate him these days, but can't turn the money down.