Saturday, 28 June 2008

The 66 pence Question

Robbing Royals


The usual yearly spin about the £40,000,000 we give the Queen for being the Queen. The £187,000 year lackeys who toady up to her and count her cash spins this as only 66p per person a year. Well let’s start with; if it was only tax payers that would be closer to £1 if not more (it’s tricky to get a figure for tax payers).

Now the “only” bit is annoying as if it doesn’t matter. How about £2,970 that’s how much you pay in your life not a bad sum, I’d like that money for myself it would buy a new kitchen or great holiday or go towards buying a flat or or or or ......

Seeing as we are being patronised here lets do some sanctimony if reverse, imagine spending £40,000,000 on people without clean drinking water in Africa , it would buy 20,000,000 mosquito nets which would reduce the number of cases of malaria by oh 20,000,000 !

Do you know how much I would pay the 3rd richest women in world to be Queen……… 0p a year. We don’t need a monarchy we need an elected president, housed and transported in appropriate dignified way but elected.

The palaces which we own but largely are barred from would make fine museums, schools, libraries, pubs…..
It’s a real scam Old Betty sells most of the Palaces to us (even though they have been bought with our money in the first place) in return for some tax avoidance, so that we pay for their up keep and yet we can’t use them and the bits we can visit we have to pay £10 for the privilege.

So let’s be clear I don’t want any of my tax to get the royal family because we shouldn’t have a royal family.

Things I’d rather spend 66p on
My nephew and nieces education
A can of Stella
A Gregg’s sausage roll
A mars bar
Pint of milk
Charity shop vinyl/book
Packet of seeds
Stamp and postcard to send to friend I’ve not seen in a while.
Or Walk down to the Thames take a step back take a big swing and throw the lot into the brown murky water rather than let Betty and her ill-gotten in bred grasping miserable brood have a single brassy penny on it….