Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Is she really going out with him?

The Italian Election:
Italy, Italy we all know how marvellous it is in so many ways, the food, the art, the music, Venice, the way that they have convinced the world that their footballers are passionate, skilful genius’ the European Brazilians (when in fact they solid rather dull defenders), “a country of contradictions” which brings us to their election.

Italy is like you friend who keeps getting back off with that creepy older guy nobody likes. You meet her for the first time in a while and are about to say “thank Christ your not with Sil...” and old slimy tanned toad wanders back from the bar with 2 Campari and sodas. You want to take her aside and say “what do you see in him?”; when she’s on her own she spends her time defending him “he’s very generous”, and “his hairs grown back” and “he’s got a lovely tan” “you should see him when we are alone, he’s completely different.....”

I don’t know whether to be more concerned that we all put up with a crook, fraudster, authoritarian bigot (and probably much more but how would we know he owns the TV and newspapers) like Silvio Berlusconi running a major country or that a member of his party on the today programme came out with this with respect to their victory.

Paraphrasing here:
“It is good that Italy is reducing the numbers of parties she has” ( er, didn’t this happen before ooh say 70 years ago) we need strong central leadership ( er erm stop now you are scaring me) we need to radically improve governmental services ( er like making the trains run on time.....)

So Italy to stop all your friends sticking their fingers down their throats and pretending to gag behind your PM’s back, why not dump Silvio and go out with that nice socialist you used to date, I know he doesn’t own his own football team but he seemed ok, you could bring him round for dinner and we can talk about music and art and football and Venice.....

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al_uk said...

You missed out "friend of Tony" which in itself means he's a bit dodgy. The only good thing about Italy is that we can keep using it as excuse as to why we shouldn't have proportional representation here.