Thursday, 8 May 2008

Burma Typhoon

Burma Crisis

No one can have missed the terrible storm that has devastated Burma, the scenes on TV last night were terrible made worse by the fact that the news crews had to duck dive to hide from the government. Like most people I want to help but have had doubts about giving money for two obvious reasons.

Firstly the unease that my money will fall into the hands of the military government or that the aid bought by it may be used by the Junta to further control Burma’s people.

Secondly that if my money goes to charity those charities will be sat in Thailand wasting time while people starve and die of their wounds.

So what to do? Well I think it’s easy we give money etc otherwise we are showing the same level cynicism, arrogance and inhumanity that the military rulers of Burma show everyday.

Life in places like Burma will only get better if we all continue to show common human decency. Of course if George Bush could send a couple of aircraft carrier to help things along that might help to!

To donate go to OXFAM or the DEC

POSH schools talk tosh:

On the radio this morning there was debate about private education, basically the head of the fee paying schools association had been putting down state schools and had got a verbal slap from a Minister.The one thing that always rankles with private school types is the old chestnut that “they care about the education of all our children”.

Now some of the teachers in these schools may believe this but you can bet Jocasta’s next years fees that the fee paying parents don’t want good schools for all. Because they want division and inequality in life, they have forgone the odd 4 star hotel to pay the school fees to maintain inequality, if it went their kids would have to survive on their ability alone rather than pop into a nice job at age 22 without breaking sweet.

Private school parents hate equality they don’t like difference and diversity they want money and position to count for everything in life.

The only solution is get rid of the charity status of private schools and watch them slowly dwindle to a tiny irritating wart of privilege and inbreeding eventually to drop off one night when we finally become a fair and decent country which fully releases the potential of all its people not just those who can pay.

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Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

Another thing which really annoys me is that 'they' are always going on about one-parent families being the cause of all ills but it's fine to send kids off to boarding school at 8. Hurrumph.