Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Edgy of Reason

New series of TaggART

I’ve talked before about my dislike of graffiti, well here’s a classic example.
Next to New Cross station the NHS has spent £ 14 M on a new health Centre. It’s good that places like Deptford have money spent on them; it’s an interesting wood clad building. But before it’s even finished some gimp has tagged it. As usual with “graphs” it’s obscure to say the least, knowing Deptford it’s probably some protest about something.
But all it really achieves is to make everyone who sees it day, that bit worse. Also some poor under paid builder is going to have to clean it off, money that could be spent on therapies at the new centre.

But as we know tagging is cool. In which case the rail line into cannon street must absolute zero when it come to cool, as every inch of the brick work is covered in this crud.

But of course tagging is edgy that’s why the railways carriage café (in general a good idea) on the high street had to have “to Deptford with love” graphed down the side. A railway carriage in the middle of the street wasn’t edgy enough it has to be sprayed to make it minty cool. Of course the new health centre will look great when the solvents used to clean the tag off denatures the wood and that panel weathers quicker than the rest and thus a small bit at the time our local areas get that little bit worse.
But amongst the spray paint and empty chicken boxes it will at least be “edgy”.

“Oh but some of it is so creative” how can something that results in making the world an even worse place be ever called be a creative act.

And no this isn’t subjective you look at all the places people really want to live and none of them are covered in graffiti and when I say people I mean the majority of society except the over grown children who go around tagging.

So in conclusion:

  • Graffiti is ugly visual sewage.
  • Taggers are boring tedious talentless time wasters.
  • The Arty types who promote/encourage taggers are if anything even worse.


s said...

But some graffiti is good though.

"Ken Dodd's Dad's dog's dead" always makes me smile whenever I see it - used to be written in two foot high scrawl on a crappy old building in Finsbury park. That is just funny, no argument possible.

And our public toilets wouldn't be the same without artless spunking c*cks and poorly drawn f*nnies - these same drawings have emerged from our collective dirty consciousness for years. It could be dangerous to try and stop it.

Banksy is sh*t though.

BLTP said...

you may have found the weakness in my argument, maybe you could be the wall czar and decide whether the tagging is funny or fithy enough to get through!