Tuesday, 14 August 2007

not leaving on a jet plane

Amongst all the "toing and froing" about air travel, the airline companies have set up a campaign group of there own “flyingmatters” (funny how it’s legit for them to do this but not for those who are against airport expansion). Flyingmatters mealy mouthed director Michelle Di Leo was on Newsnight last night, making the most outrageous justification (it got two shouts of “bollocks” round chez BLTP) for air travel yet.

Apparently air travel isn’t for tedious self indulgent honeymoons or pointless could have done it over the phone business meetings or even another excuse to have big boring sheds full of dull shops (every airport ever built), no if we reduce air miles we will “disproportionately disadvantage the poor” because they rely on cheap long haul travel. So BA and there jolly friends are basically just avuncular caring uncles giving the poor of the world lifts to see their mum. God these people are smarmy scum, I bet she went home and poured herself a large glass of vigonier after that one, smug in that she’d found a way to cast global warming protestors as heartless middleclass dilettantes, content to prevent the poor huddle masses of the world being able to rush home to their dying Granny’s sick bed.
What Ms Michelle “my teeth have fallen out because I’ve lied so much” Di Leo didn’t point out is that the poor will be the biggest losers from global warming, as they live on the land which will flood first, farm the crops which will we be unsuited to new weather conditions and will generally suffer most when the global economy struggles.. When global warming starts to kick in big time the poor of the world will have more to worry about than the chance to die of deep vein thrombosis while flying coach class,

Ps flyingmatters are so new they don’t have a website

Want to do something go here.


Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

I have read (don't know where I'm afraid) that the cheap flights are not used nearly as much by less well-off people taking one well-deserved holiday a year as inferred, as by well-off people taking even more holidays and weekends away.

BLTP said...

That would be my anecdotal evidence from friends and family too. I was annoyed that becasue it was filmed clip it went unchallenged and it was one of the those glib corporate pr soundbites that makes me loathe the souless types that spout them even more. You do wonder how these people sleep at night, having to say such nonsense for a living. Do they actually really believe all the "climate warming is nonsense" stuff? I must admit that I include their names in my blog so that if they ever google themselves they may just find out that not everyone agrees with them. It's a little childish but the airlines don't eaxctly play fair eg. banning me from going to work on the tube for being a RSPB member.

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