Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Caring for Carers

On a more poignant note a good article about the effects of long term illness on the carers, this guy’s story is echoed many times elsewhere. The thing the NHS has not yet to fully grasped is that the most potentially distressing symptoms of diseases like MS are the psychological effects on the patient and carer. The mental health issues always seem to go untreated and yet depression etc are often harder to cope with than even intense physical pain. In fact because the carer becomes depressed this can get in the way of them seeking help for themselves and the “caree”. So until counselling, rest bite care, therapy etc are built into the care plans, carers will continue to end up not only grieving for their lost loved ones but mentally damaged and unwell from the whole process.

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Coventry Blogger said...

Good points BLTP - I'd wondered if you'd seen the article. One of the things which struck me was that the writer really only mentioned in introduction that the woman affected by MS was in fact her sister - the article focussed on the situation of the husband. Unlike many articles in some 'quality' papers where writers seem only able to write about themselves.